Paris Naked Restaurant Closes For Lack Of Customers (via The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News)

The first nudist restaurant “O’Naturel”in the French capital is being forced to close because it cannot afford to keep customers despite its rave reviews

The first nudist restaurant in the French capital is being forced to close because it cannot put enough bums on seats.

“O’Naturel” will draw the curtain on nude fine dining in Paris in February after a little over a year despite rave reviews from diners who shed their clothes to slurp oysters and feast on snails, foie gras and asparagus.

But to avoid financial embarrassment, twins Mike and Stephane Saada said they were having to close.

“It is now or never,” they urged the curious “wanting to experience a last nude dinner in Paris” before they bring down the shutters on February 16.

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The Secret Life of a Naturist Episode #50 “Over the Threshold”

If you are scratching your head after reading the current cartoon let me clarify afterwards.

Okay, here goes. Yes, you read correctly, the boys got married and are back home.

Now if you’re asking; “What happened to the wedding? Why didn’t we see it?”

Because the story is so involved, doing it in installments every week would have taken us well into the new year, even as far as April.

That being said, I am currently working on the wedding story but it will be through a publisher as a graphic novel.

You’ve probably heard the saying, starving artist? I can confirm that statement is true for many artists.

I am working in collaboration with someone in Montreal for the titles and lettering. As well, I am looking into sponsors or advertisers to help on the costs.

I have a growing audience on many social media platforms and a huge part of that is thanks to Clothesfreelife magazine.

This is just a mockup of the cover and I hope that once published and available online that my followers support my work.

Thank you and stay creative