Why Don’t More Young Adults Try Social Nudity?

If you’re reading this, the chances are you are in one of two categories. Either you are someone who has already discovered the benefits and pleasures of a more clothes-free way of living, but you have noticed that not many young adults seem to have made the same discovery. Or else you are a young adult who has little or no experience with clothes-freedom, and you wonder why some people make such a big deal out of something that may not seem all that appealing.

There are probably many different reasons that young adults don’t seem interested in trying social nudity – just as there are many different reasons that anyone might have for a reluctance to try it. Almost as many different reasons as there are people. But they do tend to fall into certain typical categories. And some of these categories seem to apply especially to young adults.

So we’re going to try to list as many of the typical reasons as possible. And for each reason, we’ll try to suggest why the reason need not by an insurmountable deterrent – and simple steps that anyone can take to overcome the obstacle if he/she wishes to.

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Curator’s note: Could be the arey as institutionally oriented as older folks. They form their own groups about areas of interest to be nude. Example: nude vegan cooking.

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