Diversity in Nudism: Myth or Reality (YNA)

Diversity in Nudism –  Last week we posted a new video entitled “Shit Clothed People Say to Nudists,” a quick roll of the funny, genuine and ridiculous questions we hear all the time from clothed people, along with our responses.   (Also, if the title reference escaped you, it’s our take on the “Shit People Say” meme parading viral video charts these last few months.)

To create this video I called upon our lovely friends and members of YNA to be my actors and actresses for a day, and many came through!   We shared and munched on Superbowl snacks, laughed a lot, and everyone gave it their best for the camera.

What we didn’t notice until a few days after posting it, was that this group was so fantastically diverse!  Asian, Colombian, African-American, and the list doesn’t end there.   The funny thing is that it only occurred to us after reading a question on Yahoo about minorities and nudism.   After watching the video, it suddenly clicked that we were the most diverse group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with.

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Curator’s note: This is one of my greatest concerns to move into social nudism

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