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A recent posting on Nudist Day concerning the appropriateness of sexually oriented ads in ‘nudist’ publications has sparked a need to address this issue. In the ‘comments’ section of the posting the owner of one such publication defends the practice as a matter of being ‘non-judgemental’ and ‘tolerant’, and claims that all of its published material is suitable for children, though some ads direct the reader to adult activities unrelated to nudism. Both the posting and the comments are worth reading: “Two Free Nudist Magazines…”

From what we’ve seen of these magazines, they’re a lot like some of the major ‘nudist’ websites that offer valid resources to the nudist but also carry questionable material obviously used either as a draw or to derive revenue, regardless of appropriateness. Our feeling is that a nudist publication or website should contain material for nudists, not for ‘lifestyle’ devotees. They have their own resources.

There’s a misconception by some that the separation of sexual activity from social nudism is ‘old fashioned’ and that to continue to keep them apart hurts the growth of the naturist movement. That perception is false.

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