Nude planking photos online an offence

“We will write to the National Police Office as well as the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry to ask that they block [Web pages containing the pictures] and nail down the people who posted them,” the centre’s director Ladda Tangsupachai said. She said people who posted such pictures would face legal action for violating the 2007 Computer Crimes Act.

Ladda also said that although it was not illegal to perform nude planking in private places, she warned people against it, saying that it was “not constructive” and “inappropriate”.

She was speaking after nude-planking pictures began to appear on the Internet. Ladda said, however, she agreed with Pabpiab (polite squat sit), or “Thailand Planking”. “My praise goes to children who have done this. It’s like turning a crisis into an opportunity,” she said.

via Nude planking photos online an offence.  via Nudist in Borneo

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