No private parts?

Since starting to blog about nudism last year, I have been very choosy about the things I re-post and pictures I re-blog. I am very conscious about not offending anyone from the nudist community or crossing a line by posting an image that could be seen as sexually explicit. On a blog I have on another service I have received photo submissions that blog have often included very sexually suggestive photos despite my guidelines.

Submit your clothes free pics promote nudism at home, active nudists or nudists of color. No erection or spread eagle crotch, sexually suggestive or under 18 shots please

I have seen lots of nudist blogs there that post as many images of sexual acts as they do nude or nudist pictures. Recently several nudist blogs on that service seem to have been hijacked and taken over it seems by sex oriented bloggers. I made a brief post about this just one line warning there is indeed a phishing virus that tried to get  blog  log-in info by offering free Starbucks gift cards.

Then a fellow nudist blogger  posted these thought in response  Beware the pron nudist!

While i have no right to tell someone how to run their blog i just have to say we should be careful who we link to since we already have enough grief since people want to connect naturism to sex on a regular basis.  So I’m going to be a lot more careful.

Several nudist bloggers I followed have shut down or restarted their blog because there is no way to stop sex oriented bloggers from re-posting their nudists photos. Another posted strong copyright language on his personal photos only to find that they were still being re-blogged by non nudist and questionable bloggers. One of the reasons I started a blog here was to  try to move away from that. But can seem like there is no escaping it.

Naturist Review a very good and reputable nudist blog, posted how disgusting it was to find that people where finding their blog using pretty perverse search terms.

I was reviewing the keywords stats used to find my blog on the Internet. It saddens me that there are some really sick people out there, and that these people visit my blog.

PS: Are other naturist bloggers having the same problem? I call upon all REAL nudists/naturists to defend our lifestyle and take it back from these sick people.

ye sit seems other bloggers do have the same problem. iNaked a British naturism site reaffirmed this on their iNaked news blog.

Just a kind reminder to all of iNAKED followers… iNAKED is NOT A PORN SITE!!! Never have, never will!!! Please spread the word by reblog, tweet, email, fax or by shouting at your next door neighbour!

So what is a nudist blogger to do ? Where do we draw the line? What makes a picture an image unsuitable for a nudist site? Do we stop posting any pictures at all that are suspect? One inquiry to a nudist blog run by Terra Cotta Inn a Clothing optional resort suggested that.

Why does it seem like you reboot from dirty blogs? Like the pice you reblog aren’t dirty, but they come from blogs where they would be considered sexual or dirty

One new nudist blogger who is comfortable with posting nude pictures showing his face (which I am not) as well a some pictures of people having sex, (which  I am not) but uses strategically black boxes to cover his own private parts.

Another blogger I came across recently called his blog I have no private parts his blog title says  “I seize or create opportunities to be clothes-free regardless of what the expected “norm” might be“.

Then today I found this blog entry from Journey of a Nudist.

I’ve become used to censoring certain images that may be labelled as naturist photos, but depict women with spread legs or show a clear view of the labia because these are undeniably sexual photos…or so I thought until recently.

My thought pattern is this: if naturists feel that the human body is natural and beautiful, then why are we still labelling certain parts of the body as unclean or sexual. I know that’s not really what we’re trying to do, it’s not even what we say out loud, it’s just a common idea among the naturist crowd to suggest that a clear view of a woman’s genitals is sexual. I disagree and say that as true nudists and naturists we should respect, admire, and accept every body part for the natural and wonderful beauty they possess. Overweight, underweight, tall, short, round, pear, thin, etc. Everybody is beautiful no matter what we’ve been given, and every part of our body is wonderful and not sexual until we use it as such, regardless of how we choose to expose it.

So my question is, does the effort to maintain the non-sexual nature of nudism make everything and anything associated with something sexual/porn unacceptable?  As blogger quoted above suggests that we have made certain parts of the body sexual and untouchable? Or is some of this redeemable if it helps to promote a healthy view of nudism?

Mary Clare of  Terra Cotta Inn responds to the person who asked the question above this way.

“If the pic is a good one to promote nude recreation, I don’t care where it is from.”

I think this is an important conversation for nudist bloggers to have, I hope this adds something positive to get it started.

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