Christian Naturist

I was in my kitchen, had my shirt, shorts and sandals on, ready to take my walk. Suddenly I had this powerful feeling, not premeditated or thought through. It happened to me. I pulled off my shirt rather quickly and then my sandals, then suddenly, as if in disgust, I quickly and without hesitation, pulled off my shorts and threw them on the floor. Not folded them or placed them gently or even dropped them. Threw them as a sort of good riddance, I don’t need or want you!!

Why? I have no idea, but I was naked, and started to walk out the side door to the front yard. It felt good. It felt right! I was walking, not feeling my self doing the walking but as if someone or something was holding me by my back and encouraging me to go forward. I was compelled, led, encouraged, as if someone was walking with me with their arm around my waist and pulling me forward. It was the most strangest feeling, especially knowing I was totally naked, no shoes, nothing. (Of course, I didn’t feel any physical touching, but it was as strong a feeling as if someone was). Again, it felt good and it felt right!

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