My name is Cheryl and I have 4-children. I was a nudist before my accident, and I decided to not let the result of the accident change what I love to do…I truly enjoy being nude. To this day, I am nude all the time at home, and I enjoy going to nude resorts and beaches when I can. Two of my adult girls go with me sometimes, but the two boys have moved too far away to visit me very often. Most people accept me the way I am, and will try to help me get around. Some people though won’t even look at me.

I usually wear prosthetics, especially my leg…so walking is not too bad, except on the beach (I do miss my arms a lot though).

Why am I writing this to you? It is difficult to use my computer without hands…Well, I know that there are a lot of women/girls that would love to experience nudism as I have, but are afraid…usually because they think their bodies are not perfect enough. Have courage girls, I’ll bet you look better than I do. Go out there and enjoy your life…you never know…!

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