I am Woman: Hear my Clothes Come Off!

I am Woman: Hear my Clothes Come Off!


As I sit here nude and look down, I notice that I’m a woman. Wait, let me check again. Yep, I’m a woman. Being that I’m in Nude Recreation, I can be labeled a Woman in Nude Recreation. Deep, huh?

What does it mean to be a Woman in Nude Recreation? I hear about this group of individuals but don’t really understand what it means. I suppose the group was created to encourage more women to participate in Nude Recreation. OK, good idea!

 they refuse to change in the locker room. As an aunt, I hear my young nieces talking about their bodies- never positively, of course. We’ve all heard of crazy spending on liposuction, plastic surgery, and the like- sometimes on men, but most often on women. Clearly, there are some major body acceptance issues going on that need to be addressed in Womandom.

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