Naked Rambler doesn’t have mental health issues

Naked Rambler doesn’t have mental health issues

THE former partner of Naked Rambler Stephen Gough has spoken about the toll his campaign has taken on his health, but said she does not believe he has serious mental health issues.

Gough, 53, is in prison in Fife having been arrested just 73 hours after his last release from Perth Prison in July. In August this year, a sheriff ordered an assessment of Gough’s mental health after convicting him of a breach of the peace.

Sheriff James Williamson told him: “I have to say, there were certain points in your evidence, certain points in your summing up, where I was a bit concerned about your emotional behaviour. I was a bit concerned as to whether or not you were in control of yourself.

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“I want someone independently to see what they make of you and whether or not your mental health is all it should be. Because, unfortunately, in the absence of any good reason otherwise, you’re going to end up serving prison sentence after prison sentence.”


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