African americans and nude beaches?

I was having a conversation recently with another African American nudist about the the virtue of African Americans getting tanned in the sun. Conversation went something like this.
THEM: I am dark enough already.
ME: Don’t you want a full even color?
THEM: Don’t the dark areas just get darker?
ME: Good point

Many white nudists relish the opportunity to get a deep dark all over tan at the nude beach or resort. But what is the draw for African Americans. Many of us don’t really go very far into the water since often African Americans, especially urban dwellers have not learned how to swim. Nor do we do many water activities that involve getting covered by water, (black women often try to keep their hair intact). Now I know these are generalizations, I am proof of that, I can swim, I lay out in the sun. But they are reasonable generalizations that beg the question what are the benefits of going to a nude beach or resort for African Americans. Maybe understanding this can help in understanding the small amount of African Americans who practice nudism.

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