Chuck Nevius Weighs In on Castro Nudists, Again

Chuck Nevius Weighs In on Castro Nudists, Again

And no, not all gays are nudists, but we’re pretty sure that all those dudes hanging out in the plaza at Castro and 17th are gay, and they represent just the sort of freaky fringe element that makes San Francisco great. Do we always want to look at them? No. But the reason that, as Nevius puts it, “San Franciscans, and Castro residents, have bent the city’s code of tolerance into a pretzel attempting to accommodate the nudies,” is that we value this weirdness. It’s not hurting anyone, and perhaps it gets slightly out of hand on certain sunny days (we’re still thinking the dude with the fake beard and wig is the crux of the lewdness problem), but the Neviuses of the world should just steer clear of the Castro. They don’t need to go there if they don’t want to, and they don’t need to buy property there. Just as you shouldn’t move to the Haight and start stomping up and down the street telling people to stop smoking weed, you shouldn’t move to the Castro and tell the gays to stop being naked and putting dildos on display in shop windows.

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