Naturist/Nudist purists discourage newbie nudists

English: nudist nudism naked

English: nudist nudism naked (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been thinking about this for some time. As a newbie to social nudism it has been my experience, that’s my experience. It may not be yours, but when I started exploring nudism I experienced some long time nudists/naturists expressed such purist views to me that it discouraged the practice. As a newbie I kept hearing so many negative things about what I had to do to prove I was a true nudist that it really slowed my progress into social nudism.

Here are a few comments I encountered

    1. If you aren’t nude 24/7 you are really a nudist.
    2. If you are only nude at home then you aren’t a real nudist.
    3. Real nudists never talk about sex
    4. Real nudists don’t cover for anyone.
    5. real nudists let everyone know they are nudists because they are not ashamed.
    6. if you don’t go out into the woods and commune with nature you aren’t a real nudist/naturist.

The purism can also creeps into the online nudist world

  • If you don’t have a picture of yourself with your face online then you are ashamed of being a nudist and not a real one.
  • if you aren’t using your real name online you are not a real nudist
  • if you don’t have the right kind of pictures on your blog you aren’t a nudist

Thankfully none of this stopped my eventual move to practicing social nudism. But it sure did slow and delay it because I kept wondering if I was going to measure up. Now I know there are standards by which we define what is and is not nudism and naturism. But I think that sometimes some longtime nudist/naturists in their passion for practicing nudism/naturism do not understand and/or accept the experience of today’s nudie newbie.

I believe this is why there is such a rise of new nudists groups for and by young people. Their experience of the world and foray into nudism does not match up with that of the longtime nudist purists. I think what is at play is a “This was good for me it should be good for you” phenomenon. “This is what I went through so you should go through. ” This is often seen in long standing organizations/groups that are struggling to deal with fast changing world-views. Folks I that situation revert to known patterns.

In a world before the net and smartphones and technology things were simpler. No cameras meant no bulky SLRs that did not also serve as a person’s primary or sole communication device. A nudist image was one taken at a nudist camp or a resort not necessarily at a public beach where anyone go true nudist or troll camera in hand. It was a time of either or now it is both and.

Some longtime nudists/naturists who are not fluent in the postmodern world are most comfortable with the hard distinctions that make nudism what is is for them. But that can get lost on post modern newbies like me who struggle to figure out where to fit our interest or desire to be nudists in our lives without exploding everything. The irony of the hard distinctions of the purists is to some degree nudism/naturism is about acceptance. Not trying to fit everyone into a single box, but the purity passion can have the opposite effect.

So what’s a newbie nudie to do.

  1. Talk to many different nudists longtime and new, old and young, black, white and other. Go at your pace. Don’t let what one or two persons say determine you level of comfort or participation. Ask yourself why you want to practice nudism in the first place and let that drive your pace.
  2. Follow a couple simple principles; it’s not about sex. You can talk about sex, but nudity among nudism is non sexual. One size, or approach does not fit all. Don’t buy into any stereotypes you hear nudists are as varied as anyone else. You must find your way and it may not match anyone else. But keep taking bay steps.
  3. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Be prepared to follow the norms and conventions of any group you participate in. Research the convention and norms of any social nudist group experience and only participate in those in which you feel comfortable following the norms. So clothing optional maybe your speed at first, then don’t go to an event or venue where you are required to be undressed all the time. Don’t join any nudist sites where you have to give out lots of personal information if you aren’t comfortable with that.

Well that’s it for now, what does the reader think?


Photo by zappowbang

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