One woman in ten: Why is naturism easier for men?

One in ten

One woman in ten: Why is naturism easier for men?

So, I went to my second naked swim the other day and it was very friendly, welcoming and relaxed, as I have come to expect from naturist meets. However, there was one thing that stood out at this particular swim:

I was the only woman.

It was a small swim, only ten of us in fact. Now, if I hadn't of met the majority of these men before, I think I would have been rather intimidated and may have been worried about being stared at etc. Had it been my first naturist meeting, I would most likely have run a mile.

What is it that makes naturism more appealing to men than women? Is it the fear that because they do not have the 'perfect' bodies perpetuated by the media then they will be laughed at, judged and humiliated?


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