Tips for the reluctant nudist


I’m still a social nudist neophyte but this weekend I noticed a young couple visiting the resort I went for the first time. It seemed more like his idea than hers and the duration of their visit seems to be about trying to make her feel comfortable. I know things can are very different for women But I will offer some suggestions to make that first a little less stressful. They worked for me maybe they will for you.

  1. Before making your for social nudist outing spend as much time as you can undressed at home. Take time to get to know your body, and get comfortable with what you look like. At a genuine nudist experience there will by all kinds of bodies so the only thing you need to worry about is how you feel about your body.
  2. Do ordinary activities undressed. We have been conditioned to associate the nude body with sex. Doing natural everyday activities nude at home can help break that connection and imitate the natural non sexual atmosphere you will find in social nudism. So eat nude, sleep nude, do the laundry nude, watch t.v., read the paper nude, all the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  3. Make your first time clothing optional. Nothing creates more tension that feeling rushed or pressured into undressing socially and exposing your body before you are ready. Take your time and ease into it. No one should force you into a nudist experience it should be your choice your timing.
  4. Find an activity you like and do that. No only does it take your mind away from thinking about being nude it also reinforces the association of being nude while doing something non sexual you enjoy. If you like sports try playing volleyball which is a big thing at nudist resorts. Or go for a hike and focus on the beauty of nature. Swim laps in the pool, play frisbee golf, mini golf, learn Pétanque or ride your bike. Bottom line focus on staying active and not focused on being nude.
  5. Talk to other more experienced nudists and ask questions. Use Twitter or a register on a genuine naturist/nudist web site. There is no stupid question just ask, true nudists are always willing to help a newbie have a good experience. Do some research about the place or experience the more you know the fewer the surprises. Fewer surprises means less stress and more relaxation.
  6. At your social nudist experience. Don’t be afraid to seek out others who may be in your situation. I know my first time was made easier by seeing other people of color as well as talking to folks who were also there for the first time. Women talk to other women by and large nudists are very friendly and helpful folks.

So those are my tips from a newbie for the reluctant nudist. Readers feel free to comment and others. I am sure this is not an exhaustive list.


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