What flavor smoothy?

On a recent forum I follow someone suggested a standard for what it means for a nudist to call themselves a smoothy. No no the fleshing summer drink.

The exclusive smooth club.

A smooth nudist should be someone who enjoys having its entire body silky smooth from nose to toes. The only place I have hair it is on my head including my eyebrows and NOWHERE ELSE.

For the uninitiated this refers to the removal of body hair to varying degrees by some nudists. It should be stated at the outset that nudists are not the only ones who shave or remove bodily hair. Truth most people nudist or not remove some amounts of body hair. Traditionally many men shave their faces, and women have done the same with legs and underarms. This being said nudists are by no means monolithic on the issues. Many natural living nudists believe that shaving goes against the values having the body being naturally nude.

Which is the real smoothy

In recent years the practice of genital hair removal has grown in society. Many nudists and non nudists have adopted the removal of the hair surrounding the genitals. While there is some debate about the health or appropriateness of this some people take it to the next level removing additional body hair. Some like the person above remove all bodily hair except hair on the heads others go even further removing hair from head as well. So there are many options for people who choose to remove bodily hair.

However, as humans being we like to group people and determine who fits into our groups and who doesn’t. I think this is the nature of the quote above. The question is, as nudist who value the freedom to be in our own skins, do we need to be setting up a standard for who is a smoothy? Isn’t this really unnecessary? Can’t we just accept that people like to remove body hair in varying degrees? Would we pass judgement about who is really a smoothy and who is not? As long as folks are living out a personal choice, can’t live and let live carry the day?

What do you think?


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