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What Naturism Means to Me

What Naturism Means to Me


Since the turn of the century, nudists/naturists have been fighting the idea that nudity = sex, mainly because sex was, for the past century, taboo outside of marriage. But public mores have moved on. Society no longer demonizes premarital sex, and even the “one-night stand” has lost its stigma. I have the impression that if nudism was about sex, it might actually gain popularity. The truth is, nudists, like everyone else, appreciate the human body for its beauty and yes, its sex appeal

A naturist, on the other hand, looks at a body sans clothing and simply sees another human being. We have no fear of accidentally seeing our siblings or our friends in the shower or in the changing booth. Desire for fornication does not overwhelm our judgment. Don't believe me? In college, I spent two days at a resort, from morning to night, fully naked with a girl from New Jersey. We ate naked; we played pool volleyball naked; we played scrabble naked, and guess what?

Thirdly, naturists are not weird. Sure, we're in the minority, but we're not impractical. Every time a TV show tries to make fun of us, they seem to have a hard time keeping the joke going, or they find some crazy person that doesn't represent the movement at all. Nudists/naturists are just “too normal” for TV


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