Poll reversal

Is public opinion shifting towards or away from public acceptance of nudism and nudity?

A poll commissioned by the Naturist Education Foundation more a decade ago suggested that public acceptance was growing. The advent of several young nudist groups and some conversation in the blogosphere all suggested we might be moving towards greater public acceptance of nudist life.


NEF 2000 Roper poll results


Naturism (Photo credit: bartmaguire)

More recently there seems to be a poll reversal. Recent issues of nudity on social media giants like Facebook and Google+ sites; the disabling of hashtag searches for nudist and nudism on Instagram; Pinterest equating of nudity and pornography for the purpose of blocking and reporting; revokation of nude beach status of San Onofre and the impending ban on public nudity in San Francisco suggests that society is getting more hostile towards nudism and nudity.

So what is your take is the tide turning against nudists? Take the poll and share your thoughts.

What should organizations like AANR and  Naturist Society need do?

What does that mean for the efforts of nudism advocacy groups like Michigan Nude Beach Advocates

Download Naturist Education Foundation Poll Report

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