The end of innocence – My Earliest Nude Experiences

Thomas Eakins' circle of friends skinning dipp...

Thomas Eakins’ circle of friends skinning dipping in Dove Lake, PA. Made in preparation for Eakin’s The Swimming Hole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I pretty much grew up in “nowhere” Texas. There was a creek a mile or two from my house and my friends and I would always ride our bikes down to the “swimming hole” as we called it. Almost every day. In the 70’s kids around here were allowed to take off on their bikes. As long as we were home by dark, nothing was ever said about it. Anyway… No matter how dry the creek was the hole was always full of clear cool water. There were 3 springs that ran in to the hole and the flow was just enough to keep it full. I guess I started at about 9 or 10 years old. Sometimes there would be as many as 10 or 12 kids there on any given day. Boys and girls. Skinny Dippin’ was given. Nobody ever thought about. Just shuck those clothes and jump in.

There was a tall black dirt bank on one side and a 15 foot or so rock ledge on the other. We would get the dirt all nice and muddy and it would make a great slide and then we could climb up the ledge and jump off. It was too shallow for diving. Then the big puberty “monster” showed up and ruined it all. After that it just got to weird. Some of us would still go out from time to time through High School but we wore cutoffs.

My only other skinny dipping experience as a teen was after hauling hay and corn one very hot summer day. I was itching from hair to toenails. I couldn’t get those clothes off fast enough and get in that old stock tank. There was some other workers there and did the same thing. After the itching stopped it dawned on me that I wasn’t alone and it got very uncomfortable so I got dressed and left. Just the under shorts though… I wasn’t about to put those itchy clothes on again. That was a weird feeling… Driving 10 miles home in under shorts.

Now days, some 30 years later, I’m nude whenever possible and I go to the resorts when time and finances allow.

But oh how I long for the young days of innocence.

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