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A Friend Questions Nudism

A little about myself 34 yr old wife and mother. I’m BBW and I’m ok with that. I wasn’t always comfortable with my body everyone told me I didn’t fit the definition of beautiful. I believed them for a long time. I was never a fan of clothing and that hasn’t changed. Most of my time at home is spent nude or with a simple wrap around my waist but in public I was very covered . About 13 yrs ago I changed my mindset finally excepted my body as one of many of God”s good and beautiful creations! Not long ago my husband and I went to Terra Cotta Inn a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs. Which I loved (great place for newbies) Shortly after I had a conversation with my friend about nudism. She asked me “How can you talk to your daughter about being a responsible young lady about having respect for herself and not behaving sexual when you go yourself to nudist resorts.”

Here is my POV and basically what I told my friend! This countries view of nudity is so unhealthy!! It’s OK to dress like a prostitute anywhere but not breastfeed because that’s inappropriate and offensive … Seriously? Our nation watches drunken fools, rude housewives and out of control teens on TV validating their destructive actions but on other hand complains about people who are nude on beaches just enjoying nature or mothers feeding their children it makes no sense. The lessons learned is nudity is always associated with sex. That is not how it should be! Being nude in a social setting is not about being sexually explicit. For me it’s about being free and comfortable in my own skin. To be able to feel the wind and textures against my skin. To be FREE and ME without judgment but with joy and playfulness, it’s liberating.

I think if more people were confident and comfortable with their body especially women we would be less self-destructive. I Worked and counseled with teens and women for many years. Talking with them through their struggles many were in bad relationships or were over-sexualizing themselves because they had no self-esteem. They thought sex was all they had to offer. They were ashamed of their body and being promiscuous which made them more ashamed of themselves its a vicious cycle. If we were ALL more comfortable in our skin and unashamed We would be more healthy
mentally and sexually. Nudity has been in art forever for a reason, to celebrate the beauty in our world that comes in many sizes and shapes. Our “imperfections “add character make us who we are, they make us unique and beautiful. It should not be associated with shame. I reminded her you
are beautifully and wonderfully made. You should not be ashamed of nudity you should revel in the beauty of what your creator has made, just as you marvel at the beauty of the world we live in from the mountains to the ocean!

I will teach my daughter to be happy with her body that she is beautiful. That health is more important than size. To look at all people and see their beauty both inside and out. I will teach my daughter her body is her own to respect it and defend it if needed. To be wise where and with whom she is Free around making sure that its a safe place. That she is beautifully and wonderfully made always at every stage and age of her life so she can be proud of who she is all of her!

Ann Sanchez

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