Spreading equality

A recent blog post by a friend over at True Nudists suggests that in addition to topless equality nudist women should claim their equal rights to spread em or as she calls it gender visual equality.

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Keep in mind this is not to say “hey gals open your legs get crazy”, it is to say ladies feel free to be as relaxed as do the men when you are in and about mixed company as long as you keep it non sexual and in good taste. Same goes for the men who celebrate gender freedom in a visual way without any feelings of shame. Enjoy body acceptance in a positive balanced environment of freedom and equality, and feel the difference (rush) of acceptance of being truly and completely equally naked unashamed, all while promoting the ingredient that eliminates male arousal so men can be the same as the women are, and just like the men and women in the natural nudist environments.

conversation on twitter today got me thinking about this again. I noticed early in my exploration of nudie life that spread eagle photos were taboo to nudists. Several nudist web site including True Nudists prohibit “spread eagle” photos being uploaded by their members.

Please no erection shots, crotch shots or pornographic pictures No Spread Eagle, or shots where the butt, genitals or anus are the main focus point. (From the True Nudists website)

The rationale is sound in my opinion the sexual connotations of such images is difficult to overcome. We have been conditioned (primarily through the sex industry) to beleive that exposed genitalia is inherently sexual. So what are we to do given this is the situation, what is a nudist to do? this is one of several questions to emerge.

Are all images where the subjects legs are spread are verboten? Do men have any more right to spread em than women do? Is there a double standard or are such images of both genders equally sexually charged? Is exposed genitalia of any kind the problem or if results from a natural activity acceptable?  Where does one draw the line?

SlayerX a young nudist blogger suggests that the  textile view that a person with open legs is vulgar in his opinion is prudish.

Many textiles (or ‘prudists’ as I like to call them) like to think that a person with their legs open and their genitals exposed is vulgar and can only be horny. This idea is utterly false in just about every way. Any other animal spreads their legs and shows their genitals to the world and that isn’t viewed as vulgar. Plenty of textiles could argue that they don’t want to see a person’s genitals. However, not wanting to see something doesn’t mean anything about the vulgarity of it

So is this all about over reacting or being prudish or is there something more?

Take a moment to view the pictures in the gallery below. Which images are sexual or vulgar and which are safe Or natural?

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