Christmas at Clover Spa Hotel

Naturist hotel we party naked in the snow at christmas – Closer Online 

While many people wake up the morning after their office Christmas party blushing at the thought they may have flashed the flesh, the staff at the Clover Spa & Hotel would be concerned if their Christmas guests kept their clothes on!

The hotel is just for naturists – most of the staff are naturists and their parties have a strict dress code: no clothes allowed. And Christmas is a busy time – it’s one of the few places naturists can enjoy a festive party, with a buffet and disco, in the buff.

When Closer visits, guests are mingling around the tree in nothing but their birthday suits – and they don’t seem worried about being prickled! Then they sit down to a traditional festive lunch – meat and two veg with all the trimmings – with just napkins to cover their modesty.

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