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Nude cooking blog sparks starkers kitchen craze

A GROUP of British flatmates who started a blog about cooking naked have sparked a craze for going nude in the kitchen.

Proud pals Greta, Jess and Luke, from Manchester, came up with the idea as a way of making their new vegan recipes website stand out from the crowd.

But as it began receiving thousands of hits every month, they soon realised their popularity gave them a platform to champion positive body images of normal, un-photoshopped people.

So they started encouraging their fans of all shapes, sizes and ages to do the same and share their recipes and photos, which aren’t at all sexual in any way.

And since starting in June 2011, loads of normal people across the world have taken the plunge and mailed in their own to be featured on

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curator’s note: Flashback to the blog that started it all. It’s not updated as much but still offering occasional clothes free vegan recipes. Also printed in H&E magazine.


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