less gawking without clothes

There are more gawking and unwanted remarks clothed, at bars, in restaurants, at the beach, etc., than there is when I am naked! I have rarely, if ever, encountered such remarks when nude. I have found men staring at my chest far more in tight tops than when I’m naked. To this day, I feel “the eyes” of men on me far more when I am wearing a skirt than when I am naked in the company of others who don’t mind nudity. I am, by no means, trying to generalize men. I have usually found that when I am seen purely for my physical attributes, I become a sexual object, rather than the individual (woman) that I truly am. When nude, I find these fantasy elements are de-sexualized greatly. It provides for a warm, friendly and honest atmosphere. That is one of the reasons I am so quick to praise naturism and so comfortable with it: the people: People accepting, not judging.” – Elizabeth Middleton


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