Body acceptance project

Came across this site today that seems to be promoting healthy body acceptance. Via @island_Nudist

Here is the introductory paragraph.  

We are all beautiful Body acceptance Project

We are all beautiful  is an artistic body acceptance project. Nowadays, the mass media make us believe that beauty lies only in the perfect and artificial bodies we see in movies, magazines or television shows. We are here to defend the idea that every human being is gorgeous, no matter the gender, ethnicity, age or size.

We need your help to perform our project. It is very easy:

1. Take some pictures of you fully clothed

2. Take some pictures of your nude body. You can either show your face or hide it. Optionally, you can hold a paper with a self-description (your age, weight, nationality or any characteristics that define you). No need to say, you must be over 18 years of age!

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