understanding nude yoga

English: Yoga Head Stand Naked

English: Yoga Head Stand Naked (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nude Yoga Exposed via anmolmetha.com

Understanding Nude Yoga-Naked Yoga Practice and Benefits

True Meaning of Nude Yoga practice:

Above I explored some of the important benefits of nakedness and nude yoga, but the real symbolic meaning behind nudity is something far deeper.  The clothes that a yogi is really looking to free himself of, are the coverings of the 3 Gunas, and true naked yoga means to be free of these 3 sheaths.

The 3 Gunas are a core concept in Vedic and Yoga Philosophy and require significant discussion to understand deeply, but I will provide a brief overview here, in the context of nude yoga, to get you started.

The 3 gunas are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.  For simplicity, you can consider Sattva to be the force of positivity, love and light, Rajas to be the force of activity and change, while Tamas to be the force of negativity and darkness.  All manifestation is a play of these 3 attributes.  The purpose of yoga is to finally be free of the play of these manifestations and encounter the unmanifested eternal Self.  Thus, a true naked yogi is one who has shed these coverings and resides in his pure untouched, infinite nature.


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