Nudity As Therapy

Last night, while I was sleeping, or perhaps in the middle place between sleep and wakefulness, I thought about the validity of using nudity, naturism, as part of the guided healing process. There are a few reasons for thinking about this. Currently I am writing a book that details my use of naturism as part of healing – healing of the mind, body, spirit, soul – holistic healing. A second reason is developing through my participation in an online naturist group where depth has emerged as a vital part of the community psyche. The participants are all naturists/nudists and there is a willingness, perhaps even a need for the participants to move into a more conscious awareness of what being nude is doing to the individual and collective spirit and/or soul. A third reason has to do with some historical approaches to the use of nudity as part of a therapeutic process which I have been studying now for a few years. And a final reason has to do with how nudity seems to be wired into the human psyche. In one way or another, humans aren’t indifferent to nudity.

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