Nudity and Holiness – A Spiritual

I’ve been reading a series called Naked Before God, written by a Congregational Church pastor in Hershey, Michigan called Edward W. Raby Sr., and it has me thinking, re-thinking just what it is about nudity that has jumped up to capture more and more of my attention. Nudity isn’t a stranger in my life. On reflection, nudity became a part of my conscious life during my last two years of high school. I had wondered why it came into my life then and have since credited its appearance as a way for me to handle the psychological wounds that grew out of years of physical, psychological and sexual abuse. It “fit” and that was good enough. But now, I wonder if there was more than that at work, something at a deeper level. Yes, the psychological benefits were/are undeniable. Perhaps, the escapes into private and isolated naturism were all that stood between the darkness of my being and death.

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