iBare (Ton Dou app for idevice and android) – review

There are only a very few naturist apps for smartphones and tablet devices. However, many musicians have started to produce apps that give their fans access to their music a way to keep up to date with the artist and share they interest. Naturist musician Ton Dou is on the leading edge and has produced iBare what seems to be the first ever app by a naturist musician. Let me say at the outset I think this is a great app. The app is easy to navigate and they is almost no learning curve. Everything about the useof the app is intuitive and the look and feel is aesthetically pleasing. There are no setting to configured just open the app and staring enjoying the naturist themed music using the auto play feature.  I am not sure of the total extent of Ton Dou discography but he seems to have included all his songs for playback in the app. By my count there are twenty six songs available for playback. That includes my personal Ton Dou favorite FireFly, as well as The Naturist Society song the AANR Club Nakation song and other songs about naturist venues like Haulover Beach.

Also available are three Ton Dou videos, (I did have some trouble playing the videos) photos of the artist and news from his twitter and blog feeds. A calendar listing past and up coming shows, an artist biography and social network sharing round out the features of this creative app.  iBare is a fun enjoyable app which highlights the musical contribution of Ton Dou to the clothes free lifestyle.  If you are fan of Ton Dou or just a fan of music and naturist this is a neat app to have. Download from the Apple store or Google Play for free.

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  1. Harv says:

    ibare is not listed in Google Playstore. 🙁

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