Invasion of the glamor shot aliens

In the the first Men in Black movie Will Smith’s character discovers that “all models are aliens.”  In the most recent MIB he tells us that those model aliens are from the planet Glamoria. We laugh because it is such a out of whack train of thought. Sure models are different but aliens nah!

© Davis Wallace Model: Kwentonza

Still that seems to be the trend in thinking for a recent spate of criticisms flying through the online nudie community.  The criticism goes like this. Glamor shots regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor are not naturist because they are staged and posed. They are not nudists because the models are all perfect looking “photoshopped beasties from the planet Glamoria.”They don’t represent real people with real bodies.

No glamor Shots image courtesy @ibansaram

This is a reoccurring problem faces by the nudist/naturist community trying to define itself in and either or way in a both and world. First it was criticism of self shot mirror pics and now the not so self shot glamor photos. Sure some “glamor” shots do not reflect the nudist/naturist ideals. For the most part those are cleary identifiable either becuse of the site from which they originate or feeling they evoke. However some are artistic and genuinely represent the beauty of the nude body something nudist and naturists alike could appreciate. If we cannot appreciate the modern nude aesthetic, then what do we do with the statue of David or the Venus de Milo both of which represent the idealized body form?How do we handle the body positive photo sites that use both candid and glamour nude photographs to promote positive body image and breakdown stereotypes?  What do we do with those very non idealized bodies but  some cases highly glamorized poses and photoshopped presentations?

Full Beauty Project

What do we do with with individuals who express comfort in their own skin by taking glamor shots of their own?

 Missann1.JPG Missan2.JPG
Personal glamor shots Courtesy @sarica77

I suggest that all  proponents of clothes free living but especially traditional naturists and nudists need ask these questions. That is the only way to come to grips with the new world, where artistic nude images must unfortunately coexist alongside images meant to elicit more sexual than sensual responses. Like so many issues of nudity in our culture I believe the problem is the blurring of the lines between artistic nude photography and images meant to evoke a sexual response and arousal. Our society is so inundated by by sexual nude imagery that it is hard to filter through the, to see the truly positive images. We should try to avoid broad generalizations about these issues as this is the exact thing that the nudist/naturist community is seeking from society at large. Nudist don’t liked being seen as perverts just because we are nude.  If we can learn to take each situation and asses it individually discerning whether it supports a body positive nudist/naturist ideals or not we might be able to educate other about the different. In the process we might also find some new allies for the cause.


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