Naturism Made Me A Better Person

Naturism Made Me A Better Person:


A few days ago, a co-worker showed me a photo of a nude female on his phone. Soon, all the men in the room were gathered around the phone oohing and aahing, making fools of themselves. Then my co-worker asked for my opinion of the photo, I shrugged my shoulders and said it was “okay.” My co-worker probably thought there was something wrong with me or that I was gay. But unknown to him is that I’ve seen so many naked bodies over the years that nudity is commonplace. Why? Because I’m a naturist.

Naturism has taught me so much. Outsiders see only naked bodies, but it’s much more than that. I learned from naturism the difference between nudity and sexuality. Just because someone is nude doesn’t mean it’s an invitation for sex. Just because a woman is nude or topless doesn’t turn her into an object devoid of humanity. We have become so detached from nudity in modern society that its been turned into something sensational or wholly sexual.

Naturism has improved my confidence. I see myself as I really am, not clouded by my preconceptions of myself. I learned to accept myself and not care what other people think. Seeing other nude people, teaches me the reality of humanity, outside the air brushed media. I’ve seen hundreds of nude people over the years and none of them were 100% perfect. And being “imperfect” is what makes people beautiful.

Naturism has made me more respectful and conscious of nature. I was never an environmentalist, but naturism made me one. Being nude at the beach or in a wooded grove, barefoot feeling the grass and pebbles under my feet, and the breeze surrounding my body has made me aware of nature. When I’m nude, I’m part of nature not at odds with it.

Another positive aspect of naturism is people acceptance. When we are naked, we are all the same and yet different. All humans have the same body parts, the only differences are in the genders. However, after awhile you just see the person. Tall, thin, fat, bald, old, young, rich, or poor people are people. I cannot count the times I’ve talked to someone and thought to myself what a nice person this is, and that I would never would have found out if they were clothed. If they were clothed, I could have just brushed them off as whatever class they were from or being whatever body type they were. Some of the most “attractive” people I’ve met would have been thought unattractive by non-naturist standards.

Naturism has made me a better person. Being in nude recreation has given me a perspective that I would have never gotten if I hadn’t been a naturist.

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