The need to be nude

The need to be nude

Some years ago, “Himself” and I toured with our son, who was stationed in Germany. In Munich I set out alone to visit the six monuments of that wonderful city. I saw a small church and was told there that a woods behind the church had a path leading to the first monument on my list.

I asked if was safe to walk through the woods and was assured I would be fine. About a block into the woods, I came upon two rather hefty elderly women sitting on a blanket talking and having a picnic. They were stark naked.

The ladies greeted me with a smile. I walked on in a state of shock, came to the monument, browsed around a bit and continued on. I asked an elderly Englishman if he had the time and we began to chat. He told me that I must see the Englisher Garden just up ahead on the right. He said he had no idea why it was called the Englisher Garden. A few minutes later I walked into the garden where I came upon a group of volleyball players, all nude. Well, it was something to see. I had to stop and look, so I pretended to be a fan.

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