Nudity and Holiness – Humour and Common Sense

Nudity and Holiness – Humour and Common Sense

Nudism shares a sense of goodwill and acceptance of others whether they are naked or still shy of making themselves vulnerable to others through nudity. After all, we all know that in spite of beliefs of sin or shame or cultural codes – everyone is born naked and remains naked underneath their clothing. There are no real surprises when it comes to seeing each other without clothing. In spite of a wide range of sizes, colour, complexion, body type or any other physically defining trait, there is one thing we all share – we are humans, male and female [or some where in between because of accidents of nature], with the sexual organs of our gender which are primarily in place for the reproduction of the species as well as for the enjoyment of each other as sexual beings. All of this is common sense.

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