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Hey all – I am The Nudist Nerd. Just a geek hailing from Florida who thinks that nude recreation should be both a big deal and not a big deal at the same time.

What do I mean by that? I think the marketing of nude recreation needs some major expansion. Whereas the very concept of being naked in a recreational setting should be as normal as tying your shoes, not a big deal at all.

So those reading this consider themselves a naturist/nudist or they’re merely warming up to the idea of nude recreation (no pun intended). Regardless if you’re a seasoned nudist or just someone thinks its something to try, you used the internet as a resource to view this.

Before I dive into that, let me bring you up to speed on the state of nudism‘s web presence. Let’s make this interactive.

Google your state and the words nudist club (e.g. Florida Nudist Club)

Now one or all three things will appear:

  1. The top search yields a strip club or swingers resort or something otherwise sexual.
  2. After clicking the first legit nudist club site, it looks like it was designed 20 years ago
  3. After browsing the site for a while, there is very little information and/or is confusing.

None of this looks appealing. So how to change this? 

Why not create a site that agreggates quality nudists sites, events, discussions, blogs? Heres the thing. There are plenty of individual quality sites that do something similar ran by individuals or small groups…how do you avoid getting them tossed into the mix of those misleading google searches?

For those unfamiliar with reddit…anyone can post to individual communities, known as subreddits. People visiting that community can upvote or downvote various posts which effectively brings only the top quality posts to the front of the page. I’ve become a moderator for /r/nudism but a community is only as good as the people contributing to it and I cannot do it alone.

I encourage everyone to come on by to, subscribe, and make a post. Post a nudist related article you found. Did you go to a club or resort recently and want give your 2 cents? Post a trip review! Do you run a group or club and want to get some free publicity? Post your event!

You may ask, why is this different than any other site out there?

Reddit is the trendiest site out there – 6% of the entire internet is on reddit! It is the site where you’ll find out first about any trend firsthand. It’s reach is incredible, especially with the elusive under 35 crowd that nudist organizations are trying to connect with.

Most importantly – this isn’t my community alone. As long as everyone else contributes, it’s a community for everyone!

Feel free to message me there!


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