For better or for worse – a new nudist community

Yin yang nudeThe longer I live the more I come to accept that as individuals we have great power to change the  people or things we come in contact with for better or worse. This is especially important becuase as human beings we are socially oriented. Once we are able to have food and shelter psychologists tell us  the next most important need we have is to belong to someone or something. We need to be connected to others and we find some sense of value in that connection.

This in and off itself is not a bad thing. However we can manifest or express that need for better or for worse.  Sometimes we enter into community with others to fulfill that need in a positive way that can bring joy and foster deeper connections even if the physical proximity is distant. The mutual shared need of all involved drives interaction. Sometimes we enter into community and manifest that need in a negative way. We pursue our need to belong acknowledged seen or valued to the exclusion or detriment of the needs of others. The singular expression of the need drives all the interactions.

We who are naturists, nudists, or practice clothes free living are human beings and so our interactions in community  often reflect these two polarities. Anytime there are connections being formed individuals representing these polarities are present. In truth the two polarities exist within each of us. The question is which one will manifest itself in our interactions. No one is perfect and we each bring our baggage into our social interactions whether face to face or online in cyberspace.

The truly awesome thing about human beings and a significant part of clothes free philosophy is the realization and awareness that there is another option beyond binary polarities. The polarities create a false dichotomy based on our human perception and need. We can opt for best instead of better or worse. I mean by this that we can choose  to see the best in others and opt to find the best that the universe, nature or whatever has to offer and let that drive our interactions. This requires significant self awareness.

What does this all have to do with nudism, naturism and clothes free living? Well stripping down to our natural state has the potential to put us in touch with our natural state beyond the false polarities of clothed and modest or naked and ashamed. If we enter into the practice and connections seeking to see the best in others express the best in ourselves and receive the best from the world around I beleive we can find great community that shines brightly and positively to the broader society. The alternative is lots if infighting, maginalization of some individuals, the pursuit of individual agendas and never ending controversies that do nothing to help promote the life or philosophy.

Now I know there are folks in the nudist community who feel it is necessary to always  push the envelope and test the boundaries, to that I say each must find his or her own path. I will choose the third way, maybe because of the example I have embraced from one who gave his life while seeking to see thebest in others. Maybe I am just naive but I am calling out to all those out there who would join me in seeing the best, being the best and being open to the of what is around as we life the clothes free life. Let me close with a term used in yoga Namaste that can mean many things but my favorite Is the light in me sees the light in you.

Namaste nudies

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