The rise of the selfie

A selfie is the name that is being  used to describe self shot photos usually taken with a cell phone

camera using the reflection in a mirror. Until recently they were just called mirror pics but some tech savvy person coined the term for these images made popular by photo sharing services like Instagram that seem to be everywhere.  Now selfies can be seen all over the Internet and in social media,  Even on some nudist and naturist social sites.

Some nudists and naturists have shown a real dislike for  nude selfies, suggesting that these photos don’t belong on nudist sites because they don’t reflect the genuine practice of living clothes free. Admittedly some selfies are poor photos beause they are limited in what they display by the process used for taking the picture. Phone in one hand, pointed at a mirror from some varying distance, trying to get the body in the frame of the mirror and the camera creates the same mundane poses. Some selfies are down right sexual and depict naked people in ways contrary to the nudist or naturist philosophy.

However, part of what has made selfie possible is technology that makes it possible for a individual to take pics with an inexpensive cel phone or digital camera. This technology allows individuals to express, capture and share all aspects of life. This social aspect of the selfie leads me to encourage nudist/naturist purists to not dismiss the selfie too quickly.  For many a newbie nudie the journey started by just being clothes free at home. (I happen to think this is the best way to get started. Partly because it helped me enter not social clothes free life more comfortably.)  For the fledgling nudie selfies can be one way to share their foray into the clothes free life with others. This especially true if they are single and don,t have someone  to take any picture of them. Or if they don’t have the opportunity or ability to get to a nude beach or join a club or resort (which usually discourage photos anyway).

Non sexual nude selfies can be one way that newbie nudies establish a connection with longtime nudists and show they are genuine about practicing clothes free living.  So I suggest this instead of summarily discrediting the nude selfie consider whether a photo reflects the self expression of clothes free life and an effort to be ordinarily clothes free. Cut the nude selfie some slack and encourage good self portraits.  So here are some tips for taking your clothes free promoting nude selfie.

  1. First if at all possible get out of the bathroom. I realize this is the room where a person is most likely to be clothes free and it has a mirror. But really you seen one self shot mirrored bathroom photo you,ve seen them all. Try a bedroom or hall mirror or better yet use the timer on your camera or phone and lose the mirror all together.
  2. Shoot the whole body and not just the crotch. Whether you are male or female crotch shots  don’t really give a natural perspective on the whole person and naturism is about being natural and whole. So leave the crotch shots to the pervs they are the only ones who want to see that kind of thing real naturists/nudists don’t.
  3. Leave photos of you aroused for private time with that special someone. We don’t need to see your genitals close up to prove you are clothes free.
  4. Along those lines if you are comfortable with it have your face visible. If you concerns for work or other reasons don’t feel any pressure but if not grin when you bare it for your selfie.
  5. If you have a timer on your camera or a camera app with a timer on your phone, use it. Take a selfie of yourself doing ordinary things around the house. Making dinner, cleaning, playing video games or just relaxing. That is what clothes living is all about.
  6. Finally remember that nudie selfies aren’t about being an exhibitionist. If your selfies are all about showing off your body for others to see you are missing the point. Bear in mind the previous tips and go for selffies that show clothes free living rather than posed exhibitonist type shots.

If you are reading this and have other tips or thoughts on selfies don’t forget to leave a comment bare your thoughts.

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