Harry Deitz: Not just an issue of prude vs. nude

Harry Deitz: Not just an issue of prude vs. nude.

“This has never been done anywhere else in the world,” Konopelski told Reading Eagle reporter Beth Anne Heesen last week. “With this option, we thought we could actually scare people more easily with people being more vulnerable. People have a fear of being naked and being in a haunted house.”

Just because no one else has done it – if that’s true – doesn’t mean our community should.

It doesn’t matter that guests must be 18, that there is security or that they are “never in view of minors or nonparticipating customers,” according to the park’s website.

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Simply, it’s wrong.

If people want to run naked through a house, let them do it in their own home. In fact, I have no complaints about what consenting adults do in private. That’s their business. This is a public event.


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