Why I Teach Naked Yoga. Via Brentan Schellenbachon

naked yoga

naked yoga (Photo credit: curlybird)


Why I Teach Naked Yoga. Via Brentan Schellenbachon


I started teaching clothing-optional yoga about six months ago.

My first day was a wild crazy day of awesomeness, probably on par with the wild crazy day of awesomeness I experienced the day I busted out of my mother’s womb. (If you are curious what that day was like—the day in which I encountered the thought, “holy shit I’m about to take my clothes off in a room of people who will also be taking their clothes off,” this is the article.)

Now it’s about six months in and I have had so many experiences that keep bringing me back into a room where I get to explore myself in a completely different way—simply because I allow myself to be seen fully by myself and others.



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