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English: Photo of nude woman floating on infla...

English: Photo of nude woman floating on inflatable float in a pool. Palm Springs is the sunniest city in the US. Averaging less than 3 inches of rain a year, you can nude sunbathe almost 365 days a year. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nudist Lifestyle.

Otherwise all I can tell you is that it is natural and my lifestyle. I met my late husband at a nudist resort, and I was raised going to nudist resorts, my daughter, my niece and her mother (my sister, Melissa) all frequent nudist societies all our lives. My parents met at a nudist resort and my grandparents (on both sides) raised their kids at one – back when they were called Nudist Colonies — and we were not known to be socially acceptable..

You have finally come in contact with just one woman in a family of nudists. And it’s important to me that I live this life, as it is important to me that you understand this a non-sexual lifestyle (at least no more than you are).

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