The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

In other words, it’s perfectly natural. Tragically, we have been programmed to barely regard or accept our bodies in their most natural state outside of sexualised commercialism – which, in turn, has created a society of people totally disconnected from the skin they’re in.

I have been enjoying the liberating experience of being nude with other men and women for some time now, socially and casually. It’s never been purely sexual and most liberating of all, it’s never involved comparing oneself against impossibly perfect forms – and as soon as I keyed into that, I started feeling comfortable about my own body, with its little flaws and imperfections. In this image-fixated age, there’s no greater leveller than being with other people in a similarly natural state, regardless of their stature, endowment, curvature and with all the attendant blemishes we all share.

Conventionally, the behaviour of being naked socially with other people has been labelled naturism or nudism, which now has all kinds of segregated, worthy, cranky connotations. It was not that long ago that vegetarianism had a similar ‘fringe’ aspect, and yet now it is perfectly acceptable to be a vegetarian without feeling excluded.

Very good article on clothes free living and the social stigma against it. Read more

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