What Naturism means to me….

Leute auf dem FKK-Gelande Sudstrand

Leute auf dem FKK-Gelande Sudstrand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am proud to call myself a Naturist or some people call it Nudist, but forgetting the labels (we all like to label everything these days!) I wanted to write a little about why I enjoy being a Naturist and try to dispel some myths and well just explain that I’m just an average guy that just enjoys being naked.

I’m sure almost everyone can just about remember those care free days when you were a kid and you liked to run about in the summer in your back garden or on the beach nude and remember that wonderful feeling of freedom, relaxation and joy of feeling the sun and air on your whole body?

Well, I guess for most people it becomes a lost feeling and embarrassment and the social stigma of taking your clothes off just takes hold and you never try it again… Well for me, I loved that feeling so much it never left me and I continued to grab private moments when Mum & Dad weren’t about to spend time in the garden nude and if I had the house to myself, I would spend time naked.

When I moved out of the family home and got my first flat, I was finally free to be naked at home whenever I wanted to and it was a revelation, its so wonderful to close the front door and strip my clothes off and all my stress would disappear!

My first time on a naturist beach was in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, it was a little nerve racking but I absolutely loved it and have enjoyed going to naturist beaches ever since.

One aspect of Naturism that has helped me is with self esteem, body confidence and coping with Ankylosing Spondylitis. When you are naked you learn to love your body and you don’t judge others because when we have no clothes on you can see the real person and not designer labels.

One important fact to note is Naturism has nothing at all to do with sex, of course sex is nice and you do it naked; but Naturism is about enjoying the freedom of having no clothes on, either indoors or best felt outdoors with the air and sun on your body.

In today’s busy stressful world, why don’t you try going naked, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, just don’t get dressed after a shower or bath and sit down on a towel and watch the telly or read a book, you’ll soon notice that feeling of wellbeing and calm….


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