Nude, young, not ashamed |

making friends and staying true to clothes free lifestyle

Nude, young, not ashamed |

Do any of the members of this forum have any suggestions on how a young guy can bring a bit of fun and non-sexual entertainment to these beach users?

I know that nearby Fremantle has a large culture of open-minded, body conscious young people – but I don’t see many at swannie.

So far I have considered;
– busking nude (I’m a muso) – writing nude-themed songs…
– selling fruit/refreshments/beads/trinkets etc
– offering henna or body painting to other beach goers

mythemeshop sml

Do any of these seem appropriate?
Would people be opposed to their peace being disturbed?

I would like to make nudist friends (rather than try to coerce existing friends) and find a reason to be part of a community that I feel somewhat under-represented in (somewhat bohemian, young straight male, not interested in the sexual side of nude recreation but happiest in the buff).

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