Bare Naked Lady

Slate‘s human guinea pig goes vacations a nudist camp

Bare Naked Lady

In Slate’s Human Guinea Pig column, I try unusual jobs and hobbies that usually don’t require me to take off my clothes. However, a few years ago, I posed nude for art students. So my objection to the suggestion of a colleague that I go on a nude vacation was met with derision by my editor. “You’ve already crossed that line. Now live the lifestyle!” he said, sounding like a brochure for the American Association for Nude Recreation.

I went to the AANR Web site (one lobbyist for the organization later told me, “We’re the NRA of nudity!”), and I found a club within a few hours drive of Washington, D.C. I phoned Hidden Bush and said I would like to come for a solo visit (the club allows couples and single women as visitors but not lone men), and was told an upcoming Saturday would be particularly good because there would be a tropical-themed dinner that evening.

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A three year old article on Slate freelancer who visited nudist camp despite a couple of sarcastic comments and innuendos it is an interesting read nonetheless. It shows how even folks who should be objective like a journalist have a hard time moving away from the nudity=sex paradigm. ;

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