As God created us

Danish Christians living clothes free make the case for Christianity and Clothes free living

As God created us

  • Most people have prejudices that Christians are more modest and conservative with respect to the body than naturists generally. So it surprises people that one can be naturist and Christian. Most people think that Christians have a different attitude to sexuality, but it is rooted in the prejudice that naturists have a wild intercourse with sex, he explains.

He has met many people around the naturist who were also Christians, and think really that among Christians is probably a greater proportion nudists than among non-Christians.

It is remarkable how many Christian naturists I run into in. I could imagine that there are more Christian naturists because Christians increasingly think about their choices in life. In Denmark, one different from the vast majority of people when one is believing Christian. Therefore, we used to not be similar to most. It also means that you might be less bound by what the others are doing, and so it may be easier to come out as naturist, he explains.

Excerpt from Google English translation read more original n Danish

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