“Bare-naked lady” speaks volumes

#Dallas nude examiner responds to Bare Naked Lady

“Bare-naked lady” speaks volumes”

Evident within the first dozen words of the article was the fact that Yoffe quickly succumbed to tunnel vision during her visit. In fact she dubbed the club she visited as “Hidden Bush” [a reference to pubic hair] and assigned the pseudonym “Dick” to the first member of the club she encountered after arriving. The genital theme continued throughout her article indicating that she was never really ever able to get past seeing the nude people she met above crotch level.

Certainly it is well known and understandable that any first-time visitor to a nudist club has the tendency, the compulsion actually, to immediately look at the private parts of other people present. There are a couple of reasons for that.

Genitals are not commonly displayed among people in our society unless they intend to have sex with each other. People who find themselves in a nudist social setting for the first time of course have normal and natural curiosity about what other people look like down there and so they look.

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