Bares Rule! Black’s Beach exposed

California’s clothing optional blacks beach

Bares Rule! Black’s Beach exposed

Folks call Lloyd Johnson, 44, “the mayor” of Black’s Beach. The reference is only slightly tongue-in-cheek. In 2000, Johnson set up a website, began publishing a periodic newsletter, and started policing Black’s and keeping the sand clean with a few of his friends, “the Black’s Beach Bares.” They hoisted a flag to represent their crowd, and they went about claiming an area of the beach and organizing activities for other like-minded beachgoers. And on any given summer Sunday, among the hundred or so Bares and friends who might be tanning, barbecuing, horseshoeing, volleyballing, or chatting on Black’s, you’ll detect very few stitches of clothing covering any parts of them.

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Good info about Blacks and the people who keep the clothes free principles active there as well comparison between clothes free culture in Europe and US

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