Not quite 20 questions

not quite 20 questions

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Question: “Aren’t nudists just perverts who want to see other people naked or be seen naked by others?”

Did you see my photo on the web page? Come on! Do I look like a pervert who wants to see people naked? Actually, don’t answer that question. Seriously, the truth is if you visited a nudist club or park and spent time around nudists one of the things you would notice right away is that there would be a lot more eye contact than you might normally find in a clothed social setting. You never hear a nudist woman saying, “Hey buddy, my eyes are up here.” Nudists have social rules and structure just like non-nudists do. They aren’t immoral, their morals are simply different from those other people might have. It is considered just as rude to stare at someone’s crotch or bare breasts at a nudist club or resort as it would be in a clothed social gathering. Being naked with other people doesn’t mean your manners go away. Anyone visiting a nudist club expecting a sexually exciting time end up feeling pretty disappointed. At a club or resort you would see nudists socializing, engaging in recreational activities, swimming and sunbathing. You would not see anyone strutting around trying to get people to look at their naked bodies. Voyeuristic or exhibitionist behavior isn’t allowed or tolerated and the vast majority of creepers who attempt to get into a club for those kinds of reasons get screened out by the staff before they even get a chance to gain admittance

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