101 Things to do Naked – Book Review

This quick read by Catherine Roberts is a whimsical funny and still instructive guide to clothes free living and recreation. Roberts chronicles the many activities (101 by her count) that can be clothes free. Along the way she also mentions some that she believes should not be done clothes free, for example frying bacon. On the way we are treated to a year long often whimsical journey of Roberts and her partner through everyday activities that can be enjoyed clothes free.

Sprinkled with anecdotes of their experience and the narrative list of items are a few nuggets of
clothes free information. For example the fact that President John Quincy Adams skinny dipped in the Potomac River every morning. Each chapter starts with inspirational clothes free quotes from he likes of Pope John Paul the second I am a naturist at heart and Michelangelo. Also peppered throughout year long journey are pithy clothes free statements from the author like “Life is good … Naked life is great.
One aspect of the book I particularly appreciate is the author not taking herself too seriously. Sometimes clothes free folks (myslf included) can get wound up about the subtleties and intricacies of the lifestyle. The book is a refreshing light hearted break from any of that. 101 things to do naked is a fun easy read that I highly recommend. It would make a great gift for someone exploring or new to the clohes free life.

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