New to nudism so was I

First time clothes free experience at Lake Bronson Resort

New to nudism so was I

I came to social nudism from the outdoorsy side of things. Skinny dipping in hot springs and swimming holes felt exhilarating the first few times, but came to feel so natural that I avoided places I’d have to wear a swim suit. My future husband and I struck out on an extended “early retirement” when we both decided a change was in order and the theme of our trip quickly became hot springs and nude beaches. We met all sorts of people at these places and many started recommending commercial hot springs and other camping locations where social nudism was practiced. At first, the idea of paying to go hang out naked with other people sounded bizarre, but as we heard about the same couple of places repeatedly, it started to sound more relaxing. No looking out for creepy guys in the bushes? No concerns about legalities? Maybe not so bad after all…

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