Bare or hair down there why should I care?

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Warning this post contains images of shaved pubic areas and takes a semi serious look at the ongoing debate about pubic and other hair removal in the clothes free community. Do not continue if such images or conversation are troubling to you. Otherwise read on.

20140121-160149.jpgLet me say at the outset I believe that this is a personal choice. That being said I thought I would comment on a common and ongoing conversation in the clothes free community whether it is natural, expected or irrelevant to have or shave ones pubic hair.
A couple recent posts online have suggested based on a celebrity comment that the trend of shaving, waxing or otherwise removing pubic hair is coming to a end.

In the clothes free community the practice of removing pubic hair seems to have followed a general social trend in that direction. Older (vintage) images of clothes free living seem to suggest that the clothes free community used to fall squarely in the hair down there camp. This has led some purists to simply that modern clothes free folks who remove their pubic hair have drifted away from their naturist roots, no pun intended. After all it naturism is about being natural and reconnecting with nature, and what’s more natural that letting that “bush” grow out. Some have even made the case that removing hair down there is cause for great concern as the practice can cause health problems by removing hair that was meant for a protective purpose.

Pubic hair Shaving

While there may be some truth to that claim I think it is overblown by those who prefer a more natural state of hair. The have been historical instances where the removal of body hair was practiced without any great if any detriment to physical health. Some athletes like body builders practice hair removal as a part of their sport also with any great physical harm. If the case for keeping hair is so dire then all men should give up shaving facial hair for fear of the related health concerns. Finally while I suspect it is a chore woman have been shaving their legs in modern western culture for years without experiencing great physical harm. I think the extra attention paid to personal hygiene by those who go bare done there usually makes up most health concerns. That being said it means that each individual needs to know and understand how their own body their own skin works and be aware of any negative consequences to hair removal.

On the other end of the spectrum are the extreme hair removal smooths who have what almost seems to be a fetishizes view of hair removal. These folks seems to enjoy debating what makes a “true” smoothy, whether you can call yourself a smoothy if you only remove pubic hair and not hair from the whole body. Consider this post from a nudist forum redacted to protect the innocent.

the meaning of being a smooth nudist! … too many people consider themselves being ” a smooth nudist” by simply shaving their pubic hair … I disagree. A smooth nudist should be someone who enjoys having its entire body silky smooth from nose
to toes. … A true smooth nudist and proud of it

In these conversations the virtues of waxing and laser hair removal are extolled while expressing an undercurrent of disdain for those who prefer to let their hair grow out. Pubic hair trimmers are sometimes tolerated but often must endure regular calls for them to just take the plunge and go hair free.

All this feels to me to be a bit of a tempest in a tea cup. As I stated earlier it really should be a matter of personal preference. But human being that we are, some have found another way to create separation among clothes free enthusiasts through this debate. This is totally unnecessary in my opinion and has the potential to scare of newbies venturing into the clothes free life, as they may perceive acceptance being based on siding with one camp or it he other. For me I come back to one simple question.

Bare or hair down there why should I care? Two words I don’t. Do you?

Male genitalia shaving

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  1. philmacavity avatar
    philmacavity 3 months ago

    When you are as hairy as I am you don’t really have a choice!, if I were to attempt to shave I would need a to get a shop’s worth of razors from the wholesalers just to do my front!! And I would need to ask my wife to do my back as that is hairy too…..(on the subject I once allowed someone to wax my back for a dare, never again!). So I am a “natural guy”, I trim my pubes when they get so bushy that my nether regions look like Jimmy Hendrix having a bad hair day, but otherwise what nature gave me stays with me.
    My wife though is a a paradox, like all natural gals she steadfastly refused to shave her pubes….until the dreaded grey hairs put in an appearance. She dyes her head hair but apparently pubes can’t be dyed (something about the coarseness), so to ensure that there is no glaring colour difference she has been removing her pubic hair for about 10 years now. She tried waxing ( the screams were audible 10 miles away), sugaring ( same result as waxing but with the added torture of having the beautician resort to tweezers to get the stray hairs left on her labia!), creams (smelled ghastly and not very effective) and shaving (using my hair trimmers to reduce the offending hairs to stubble then my Philishave to achieve that hairless look). I have told her that I don’t really mind her greying bush, but apparently the fact that she passes for a girl 10 years younger that she actually is when clothed, means she has to maintain the illusion when naked.
    So, our intimate grooming habits are driven by the acts of nature rather than by any desire to follow a trend.

  2. natfabart avatar
    Naturist Fab 3 years ago

    Everyone has made good points. Aesthetically speaking I prefer being well trimmed. But in the end it should be a personal choice.

  3. ozcloggie 3 years ago

    I don’t really care but, if I have to: Well. I like naturism because I can take off my clothes where others might or do see and not worry about being ‘chubby’ (my whole life) or any scars (minor) from operations, or hair, or anything. It is NOT to SHOW anything but to relax in nature and like-minded/ relaxed company!!!

  4. naturalian 4 years ago

    Reblogged this on Naturalian's Blog and commented:
    I prefer hair free but each to his or her own

  5. hontouniheart 4 years ago

    As a newbie to clothes free living, I definitely relate to the portion of this post that speaks to how all these levels of separation and distinction are a bit jarring for new folks and seemingly unnecessary. I’m not sure why I should ever comment on and judge someone else’s pubes. The time and energy spent on that could be used for something else. I’d hate to show up at my first clothes free social event and be judged by my pubic (or other) hair situation, before anyone even learned my name and shook my hand. Separation is great for slicing up pizza, not so much when slicing up community.

  6. Bear 5 years ago

    It’s a personal choice but I love my hair suit.

    Peace ~ Bear

    • Earl D avatar Author
      homeclothesfree 5 years ago

      And that is what is important do what works for you not what anyone else is doing.

  7. marc 5 years ago

    I too belong to the I do not care camp. People do whatever they want with their hair. This topic is one of the old one among nudists, because it somehow relates to sexualizing nudism practice. And nudists claim they separate nudism and sex, which is of course true. But showing more of your crotch by waxing it somehow gives it more importance. The truth of the matter is sexual or not, nudists are human beings and they should not be judged by their hair or lack-of. I am smooth down there and have never been looked at differently at naturist places, nor looked at differently at hairy people. Live and let live, naked!

    • Earl D avatar Author
      homeclothesfree 5 years ago

      If the perspective of those folks holds true then we should all shave our heads since we want people to look us in the eye ;

  8. Pacnatman 5 years ago

    The whole subject of (pubic) hair removal is perennial, endless, not being limited to naturist/nudist communities, not to recent years or even decades, but generations and centuries, and across multiple cultures, eg western, muslim, etc. Nor can it really it be divorced from the subject of facial, underarm, leg or other body hair removal if you must consider it as anything other than yet another trivial subject matter for discussion much beyond the sort of casual chit-chat that takes place when people connect and are otherwise at a loss to find anything else to talk about it. By the way, I wonder whether nudists ever discuss pubic shaving, face-to-face? I somehow suspect not.

    Some tedious bores try to ‘politicise’ the subject by making it an issue about female sub-ordination to men, when it really isn’t, or about the ‘demonisation’ of porn, the fashion industry, female targeted media, when it really isn’t.

    Pubic hair removal, in one form or another pre-dates all that. And discussion about it is rampant with the stereotyping of observation about behaviour, hypocritical judgement, inconsistency of approach and half-truths and down-right lies about virtually any and all aspects of the topic, including health and hygiene. For example, if you go back far enough, eg to the 1950’s and 60’s publications such as Health & Efficiency, now just H&E, used to only show photographs with the pubic hair removed, then in the 70’s and 80’s it was resplendent with hirsute nudists and yet more recently, it has ‘flopped’ back to hairless nudists. In other words, it’s just another fashion, another fetish, another whimsy, just like so many others; tattooing, piercing, even just plain old preferences for one hair style or another. Mowing, it, bleaching it, colouring it. Putting a parting in it. Putting it in pig-tails, Sculpting it. It’s just endless. I’m waiting for the hair care products for pubes. Someone in the cosmetics industry has missed out on a trick there. Maybe with a bit of smudge-free rouge for labia or penis glans. Now there would be something of a turning full circle. It’s truly a self-made mockery.

    The next thing will probably be merkins. Merkins, for nudists, merkins that are gaily and multi-coloured or that are made up of ultra-fine fibre optics strands that can light up your gonads in either bright white light or an ever-changing hue of the rainbow. Maybe even merkins that will sing Caribbean calypsos to lull you to sleep on some sunny exotic beach somewhere. Who knows and who really cares.

    Nobody makes a big deal about the pressure of social norms surrounding men and shaving, but then a lot of men don’t care anyway and just grow beards, but that doesn’t stop a lot of other men and women telling anyone who can’t escape their attention that it is an ‘inferior’ state of being. And then there is the whole brouhaha about women shaving their moustaches and arm-pits and legs. Or men shaving their arm-pits or chests, backs or legs. Why should consideration about pubic hair or it’s removal be any different other than it surrounds your genitalia and otherwise remains hidden from view, for the most part? It’s just as important and unimportant.

    And it does, of course fall out all the time, but who’s making a fuss about that (during the telogen phase of growth), unless the cycle doesn’t start all over again with the anagen phase, which of course it increasingly doesn’t as you age. Maybe we should have mini-funerals every time a pubic hair falls out of our crotches. But then it wouldn’t be a true funeral because the hair that emerges beyond the hair follicle does not contain living cells and therefore cannot ‘die’, as such.

    When people start to look as if they want to get serious about the subject all I want to do is to laugh at them and possibly even poke them in the eye, just to make them stop. It’s tedious, it’s been done to death, yet some people still obsess about talking about it as if it really mattered one way or another in the first place. It’s a non-subject, but then so too are so many other subjects that people insist on wittering on about. Much better to just do it; or not. Hair, pubic or otherwise, ‘hair’ today, gone tomorrow, and gradually starts to show signs of growth again, the day after.

    As an aside do you suppose those who suffer from alopecia totalis ever mourn the loss of their pubes above all else?

    I guess people will stop talking about it whenever they stop growing it, which for most people is when they stop breathing.

  9. airseatraveler 5 years ago

    I think you hit the nail on the head, since nudism is about body acceptance, it shouldn’t really matter if someone is shaved. If nudists get wrapped around the axel about something so trivial, then whats to stop us from criticizing someone’s body weight?

    For me, whether or not the woman I’m with (my wife) shaves has less to do with nudism and more to do with my sexual preference on what I want her to look like in the bedroom. Her grooming choices are a completely separate context from nudism.

    I shave, partially because norms in nude modeling (also a different context from nudism) essentially requires it, and its also my personal preference. Although, I will admit that I shave prior to going to a nudist resort or to getting my physical.

  10. Roy 5 years ago

    There are many different styles of clothing and many different hairstyles in this world, equally there are many different styles of naturism/nudism so it is all a matter of personal choice to shave or not whether you are a naturist/nudist or not.

  11. barbeint1701 avatar
    barbeint1701 5 years ago

    I have to admit I belong to the “I don’t really care camp” — I see it, just as the author does, as a question of choice: there is no correct answer to this one. In my opinion, the question of whether one should be shorn or not is comparable to whether one should only have coffee or tea with breakfast.
    I know what I like for myself; similiarly, I think most other people know what they like for themselves. As in most things, we have to [learn to] accept each other’s difference in opinion and stop pretending that there is only one correct answer to this question.

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